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  • Full details of the course structure
  • Cost, requirements and expectations
  • Delivery times of the live presentations

Course Overview

The astrological study of celestial phenomena offers us a view into the past, present, and future – but what if we could harness planetary power to achieve personal growth and solve problems? If astrology is the art of diagnosis, magic is the remedy.

The Hermetic dictum on which astrology is built says “That which is above is like that which is below” because the stars and planets move synchronously with events on earth. Hermeticism views humans as microcosms reflecting the greater celestial macrocosm. By analyzing planetary movements and using astrological techniques to identify auspicious moments, we can transform our lives, and most importantly, ourselves, the microcosmos. Further, elected ritual and creation of talismans can be turned toward fine-tuning of the mind and spirit to achieve inner growth.

The STA Magical Elections course offers instruction on Western medieval and Renaissance-era astrological magic, with a strong emphasis on its Platonic philosophical roots. In addition to a firm grounding in philosophy and magical theory, the course is designed to introduce students to the practice of electing times for magical workings with celestial bodies, and to teach techniques for astro-magical rituals and the creation of talismans.

This is more than a ‘theory’ course – delegates will be tasked with studying the historical elements of astrological magic, and will be taught how to internalize the philosophical underpinnings of the Hermetic worldview to elect horoscopes and design rituals with correct traditional attributions to support that election. Upon completion of the course, graduates will be equipped to practice astrological magic and talisman creation at a sophisticated level.

By taking this course, students will learn from the finest primary sources on philosophy, astrology, and magic of the last two millennia, curated and explained by Nina Gryphon, an expert in traditional astrology and astrological magic. Throughout history, this information was available to a very few educated occultists and astrologers, and this course is an effort to reunite the long-separated parts of ancient astrological and magical practices.


Magical Elections is a six-week, lecture-based study course taught by Nina Gryphon. Each week, students attend a 1½-2 hour interactive lecture via Zoom. Although the lecture is recorded for students who cannot attend the session live, or who wish to review the material later, students are strongly encouraged to attend the live sessions, to ask questions and discuss the material and concepts with the instructor and fellow students.

Attendance on this course requires commitment and engagement throughout the study period. Each week, before the stated deadline, students must submit an assignment to the course forum for assessment by the instructor, and to receive and provide constructive comments to fellow students. The last week’s assignment is also the final assignment for the course.

The course has very intensive reading requirements: students must comfortably read at a college level in English, and will be required to read approximately 30-50 pages of text per week prior to each lecture. This means that students will be required to have completed the week 1 reading material before attending the week 1 lecture (and the same for all the subsequent weekly lectures). Students should expect to spend between 4 to 8 hours per week to comfortably make it through all the material and associated exercises. The course has required reading, as detailed in the Prospectus, including a list of books which must be purchased prior to the course start date, and additional reading material that will be provided throughout the course.

Students will also be required to implement the demonstrated techniques as part of their assignments throughout the course. Therefore, hands-on use of the learned concepts is an essential component of course completion. Auditing the course is therefore not an option, and non-completion of the course requirements will result in an incomplete grade.

Course content (subject to amendment):

  • The underlying philosophy, cosmology, and theory of Western astrological magic
  • Introduction to gods, angels, and spirits of Western astrological and magical tradition
  • History of astrological magic in the West
  • Analysis of examples of astrological magic in history
  • Astrological analysis of common problems
  • Magical strategies for addressing problems
  • Goal-setting for rituals and talismans
  • Natal remediation
  • Magical uses of the seven visible planets
  • Advice on working with the malefic planets
  • The underlying philosophy, cosmology, and theory of Western astrological magic
  • Astrological criteria and checklist for electing rituals and creation of talismans
  • Analysis of ancient astrological directions for talismans
  • Key techniques of astrological magic: petitions or prayers, planetary charity, vows and sacrifices, planetary ritual, and talismans
  • When the magic doesn’t work: analysis and strategies
  • Major components of astrological ritual
  • Invocation of gods, angels, and spirits
  • Accessing the guardian daimon
  • Using planetary days and hours
  • Decan talismans
  • Fixed star talismans
  • Lunar mansions


This course is written and administrated by Nina Gryphon who is the main course presenter. For more about Nina's background click the link below.

Nina Gryphon is a practicing astrologer and corporate lawyer living in Los Angeles, California. Her predictions have appeared in many major publications, and in the popular media such as radio and TV. She received her JD, and MA/BA from Stanford University, and has completed John Frawley’s Horary Apprenticeship, as well as obtaining her Practitioners and Masters Level Diploma in Horary from the STA.

Nina practices traditional astrology with a special emphasis on astrological magic and astrological remediation. She writes regular horary and magical elections columns for The Mountain Astrologer magazine, publishes educational astrology and magic videos, and teaches classes and workshops worldwide. Nina also has a popular Patreon focusing on astrology and magic, and publishes a popular monthly guide, Magical Elections, which details the best upcoming magical elections and offers guidance for creating astrological talismans.

Nina can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram (ninagryphon) and Twitter (@gryphastrology), as well as her personal website at ninagryphon.com.


The full cost of the Magical Elections course is $525 USD. This includes a nonrefundable enrolment fee of $100 USD.

Enrolment is limited to 25 students per class, due to the intimate, interactive and hands-on nature of this course. Students wishing to enrol after the limit has been reached will be placed on a wait list, which will offer placements to students on a first-come, first-served basis up to two weeks before the start of class in the event an enrolled student drops out of the class.

Please read our policies, requirements and recommendations (below) before making an enrolment.

Policies, Requirements and Recommendations

  • Students on this course do not need to have previous experience in electional astrology. However, this course specialises in advanced-level astrological training, so it is necessary for participants to have a firm understanding of fundamental traditional astrology techniques, to be able to draw up and interpret astrological charts using basic natal techniques, and to have already studied certain principles that are generally taught as part of the study of horary astrology. For example, students need to have a fluent understanding of the essential and accidental conditions that impact on planetary expression. The STA Practitioners Level Horary Course is an ideal requisite course for anyone lacking competency and confidence in the traditional astrology techniques that this course employs.
  • This is an English language course and students must be fluent in spoken and written English, capable of studying college level texts, and willing to consider and comprehend 30-50 pages of reading material per week, in addition to completing the weekly assignments.
  • Students must purchase or have access to the required reading materials at least two weeks prior to the scheduled first lecture, to ensure there is adequate time for reading these prior to the start of the course.
  • All assignments must be completed on time and in a satisfactory manner to successfully pass the course.
  • The instructor’s assessments and decisions are final. STA ensures fairness in its assessment process and has policies in place to eliminate any prospect of favouritism or uneven comparisons. In situations where a student does not pass an assignment or the course, once feedback on the reason for failure has been provided, the instructor’s task is complete, and no further correspondence will be engaged in regarding the details of the assignment or work that was not approved. (In case of any complaint, this course adheres to the STA’s complaints policy, published online at www.sta.co/pdf/complaints_policy.pdf)
  • One of the underlying objectives of this course is to encourage the applicant’s development into participation with the community of astrological magicians; for this professional and courteous behaviour is expected in all respects. Students can be removed from the course at the discretion of the administrator or the STA board if anything about their correspondence on the course, or their public conduct off the course is deemed disrespectful or brings disrespect to the study of astrology.
  • It is assumed that students have access to a printer, and it is necessary to have stable internet access, as all coursework is done online through the STA Course Portal. Course materials are provided as PDF downloads and our teaching portal is accessible on all modern computers (we do not guarantee reliable access via tablets or mobile phones). Students are required to install a free video program, Zoom, to enable interactive online sessions with the tutor and fellow students.
  • All materials used in the delivery of this course are copyrighted and provided for personal study only – no element whatsoever may be reproduced or recirculated in any form. Video tutorials are not available for download and can only be accessed by logging in to the secure course portal. Graduates are allowed continued access to these videos and other resources on the course portal for 12 months after the formal completion of the course. All in-course discussion and chart examples are to be treated as confidential and never shared with anyone outside the perimeters of the study group.
  • This course is the intellectual property of its originator and administrator, Nina Gryphon. The STA school provides monitoring, moderation and help with its development, and acts as its governing body. All financial transactions are made directly between the student and the course administrator, and the STA plays no part in taking money from students; nor will it be held responsible for any refunds that may be due. Expect that receipts for payment will be emailed from the administrator within 3 days of receipt of the transaction. For any problem concerning payments, email the administrator directly at nina@sta.co.
  • If a student pays for the course and then changes their mind for any reason, a cancellation will be arranged and the refund of any payment is allowed within 30 days of that payment, providing the delivery of any formal course material has not yet commenced. Students who have been provided with course materials yet wish to withdraw more than two weeks before the first course session will receive a refund of their payment less the $100 USD non-refundable deposit. Students who have been provided with course materials and wish to withdraw less than two weeks prior to the first course session will not be eligible for any refund. This is due to the fact that places on this course are strictly limited and once the course is full we prevent further enrolments: therefore deposits paid to secure and hold a registration are non-refundable and non-transferable after the 30 day ‘cooling off’ period has expired.
  • The administrator reserves the right to make necessary amendments to the schedule of live tutorials.
  • This course contains revised and expanded content from Nina Gryphon’s Kepler College course (2019-2021), so is appropriate for past students who wish to revisit and augment their previous studies and receive an official acknowledgment of successful course completion.

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