Entry requirements

Only students who have successfully completed the STA Practitioners Level Horary Certificate Course since January 2020 are eligible to enter this program. At the end of 2019 the certificate level course was significantly developed and expanded. It is this improved and expanded version that now represents our stable horary teaching. This acts as a baseline for further development to advanced level study.

Astrologers who took the STA Practitioners Level Horary Course prior to 2020 must complete the STA Horary Review Course before moving on to the Advanced Level Diploma. This is a specially developed course which is only available to past graduates. It offers a cost-effective way for previous graduates to upgrade their training materials and fulfil the assignment requirements that will raise them to the level of our current Practitioners Level Horary Certificate Course.


What is the difference between the STA Practitioners Level Horary Certificate and the STA Advanced Level Horary Diploma?

The STA Practitioners Level Horary Course offers the STA's core instructional material on horary. It is designed to comprehensively explore horary theory whilst examining how the principles are applied in practice. Completing the Practitioners Course demonstrates that the graduate has undergone robust analysis of this specialist subject, having dedicated serious time and mental focus to learning about the doctrine of horary, under the guidance of experienced tutors, and with an appropriate exploration of the kind of ethical issues that this study raises. Students are tested and assessed throughout the course to ensure they are actively engaged in the study and not just passively receiving the materials. Mistakes are corrected, sensitive issues are explored, and by the end of this course the student is expected to be sufficiently prepared to commence a professional practice of horary astrology, should they wish to.

The STA Advanced Level Horary Diploma is an enhanced qualification that is issued to astrologers who have succesfully completed the Practitioners Level Horary Certificate Course and have also demonstrated that they have ventured into confident and competent practice. We do not enrol anyone onto the Diploma program until three months after completion of the Practitioners course to ensure they have had appropriate time to digest all the principles learned on the Practitioners course, and because we want to assess judgments for which the resolution or long-term outcome has been monitored.

There are three stages to this qualification, which requires the submission of three horary judgments on three different topics. Each review is submitted separately, so it is only possible to move to stage 2 after the first judgement submitted for stage 1 is accepted for qualification.

The course is delivered as a personal, highly curated, one-to-one mentorship and assessment scheme. The process of undertaking this course will improve, hone, and refine the ability to compile judgements to a professional standard, whilst building the confidence needed to submit horary work for publication in various external formats.

Benefits that follow the successful completion of the course include:

  • Graduates receive the advanced level STA Horary Diploma to verify that their use of horary has been rigorously and independently assessed, and that they have demonstrated sound knowledge of theory and competence in practice, such that the STA school board is happy to recommend their services to people in need of horary consultations.
  • Graduates are entitled to advertise their fulfilment of our assessment criteria by using the initials STA DipH (School of Traditional Astrology Diploma in Horary) in promoting their astrological services.
  • Names of all diploma holders are entered into a public record of our qualifying students.
  • Graduates become admissible for entry into the STA directory of approved and verified horary consultants, which promotes horary services to the public.
  • Graduates qualify for full membership of the APAI: Association of Professional Astrologers International. Details of this organisation available online at www.professionalastrologers.co.uk.
  • Graduates gain access to extra STA resources, and are able to avail themselves of discounted services from STA tutors that support the promotion of their own professional practice.

For full information on the structure, expectations and policies of this program please download and read the following Course Guide.


The cost of the diploma program is £595 if payment is made in full at the time of enrolment (approx. $750 US dollars, but exchange rates vary).

Alternatively, payment can be made in three instalments, as follows:

Enrolment onto the program costs £270: this includes a non-refundable enrolment fee of £95, plus the cost of the assessment of the first submitted horary (£175). The cost of the following submissions is £175 each and these payments can be made at the time of submission. The initial enrolment fee includes the cost of the preparation and delivery of the qualifying Diploma certificate.
(Full cost if paying by instalments is £620.)

Application Form

Please note: this course is currently fully subscribed and there is waitlist of about 6 weeks for new applicants.

Complete the following form to register your interest and be placed on our waitlist.

We do not take online payment at this stage because the course is only available to past graduates and previous participants of the STA Practitioners Level Horary Certificate Course.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you by email to confirm receipt of your information and advise you of the next steps.

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