A curated program on mundane astrology, covering:


Schedule of talks in the conference program.


In celebration of the Autumnal Equinox, marking the midway point in the astrological year, the 2023 STA Conference is taking the form of a World Astrology Summit. Experienced speakers from a wide range of theoretical background – some more traditional, some more modern – have been invited to share their work in the mundane sphere. Developments in science & tech, themes in culture & the arts, cycles in finance & commodities, stories of historical interest, trends in faith & world religions, the drama of politics, development of civil infrastructure – you'll find it all explored here at the World Astrology Summit, hosted by the STA in association with Skyscript.

Schedule of talks

The cost for the full conference is $95 USD.

On Saturday, talks cover a broad range of mundane topics: politics, finance and economics, culture, science and tech, regional histories and narratives, etc. Sunday's talks are comprised of regional forecasts delivered by local experts who have remained active in their field.

Click the listed time in UTC to see the time and date converted for your local time zone. All talks are recorded – registrants receive 90-day access to recordings.


Saturday 23 September: themes in mundane astrology

09:00 UTCWADE CAVES ‧ World Astrology Summit commencement

09:30 UTCMARI GARCIA ‧ The Mars trigger
The cycles of Mars are often not taken into account in modern mundane prediction but its nature and speed often form the trigger to coalescing cycles of the outer planets. A look at both historical and contemporary examples with a template to consider for future forecasts.

11:00 UTCEVE DEMBOWSKI ‧ Pandemics & great conjunctions of Saturn & Jupiter
As the COVID-19 crisis reached its height, Saturn and Jupiter joined at 0° Aquarius, shifting into the Air triplicity after 240 years in Earth. How significant was this to the pattern of the great conjunction and in particular their shift into new triplicity? Is there a connection between these great conjunctions and pandemics/plagues? What can we learn from the past?

12:30 UTCÖNER DÖŞER ‧ The unique masterpiece of an Ottoman Astrologer
Sadullah Efendi, 19th-century astrologer, member of parliament and poet, compiled 10 books on astrology and sample charts in his 570-page masterpiece. Written in Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Turkish, Öner Döşer is managing the translation into modern Turkish, and will demonstrate Ottoman astrological chart interpretation as exemplified by Efendi.

14:00 UTCCHRISTEEN SKINNER ‧ Cycles in property and commodity prices
The sunspot cycle is expected to reach maximum in the next 18 months marking a turning point in political, social, and economic affairs. The interaction of solar and planetary cycles correlates with rhythms in commodity prices. This talk will show examples using gold, silver, wheat and soya wheat prices. Attention will also be given to the lunar nodal cycle.

15:30 UTCDEBORAH HOULDING ‧ Madoff & other money-market monsters
Money markets rest on perceived values, never more so than recently, with the rise of artificial intelligence and artificial cryptocurrencies. How were people like Madoff, Elizabeth Holmes, and Sam Bankman-Fried able to ‘scamfluence’ so easily, gaining and losing billions, pursuing the tactics of inspirational belief, always underlined by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)?

17:00 UTCDR LEE LEHMAN ‧ The astrology of environmental disasters
There are many ways that the environment can be compromised! In this session we examine the range through chart examples – from human-caused to earth-based; from localized to continental, from event to periodic, to long-term. What environmental disasters share is consequence: they can have effects outside the time frame of normal human comprehension.

18:30 UTCWENDY STACEY ‧ A pivotal point in history
We stand on the brink of major human evolvement and the progression of human consciousness. Recent and upcoming astrology will pole vault us into unchartered territory, altering humans’ perspectives, perceptions, expectations, and world views. Using historical charts, we will explore currentcycles, and pivotal shifts which may occur in the near future.

20:00 UTCS. F. REYNOLDS & L. TURNER ‧ Observing world trends in religion
As astrologers with a history of religious observance, Lindsey Turner (Christianity) and Samuel F. Reynolds (Islam and Christianity) will discuss broad and narrow astrological trends in world religions, including ancient thoughts on the impact of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions regarding messiahs and prophets, and how outer planets are indicate significant changes.

21:30 UTCMICHAEL J. MORRIS ‧ Transits & transgender liberation movements
The astrology of significant moments in transgender liberation movements creates a context within which to consider the current waves of anti-transgender legislation, primarily in the U.S. How might we hold the current political antagonism against transgender people within these larger cycles?

23:00 UTCWADE CAVES ‧ The Sino-Indian War & water concerns in Asia-Pacific
Despite a history of friendly relations, China brought an unexpected war to India's doorstep in the heights of the Himalayas. Engaged on two fronts, one to the east and one to the west, the two nations asserted their claims to key watershed regions bordering southern Tibet. The astrology of then and now has much to say about water security tensions in the region.


Sunday 24 September: regional forecasts
Please note that speakers are permitted to modify their presentation content to accommodate unanticipated events leading up to conference commencement.

09:00 UTCWADE CAVES ‧ Sunday session commencement

09:30 UTCMARI GARCIA ‧ Australasia
Australasia is a varied region and its significance as an arena as well as a catalyst for world events is often a footnote in history to events in Europe or the Americas. This lecture will look at the emergence of China, India, and Australia as major players both in the geo-political sphere and the astrological significators that define them, direct their actions, and their impact over the next 10 years.

11:00 UTCROD CHANG ‧ China & East Asia
The geopolitical tensions between China and East Asia have caught our attention. In this talk we will review the charts of major events in this regional history and observe possible future developments through transits, ingresses, and solar and lunar eclipses.

12:30 UTCDR N. NGUMI & E. MAINAwith W. CAVESKenya & Ghana
This conversation prioritizes an understanding of two African countries' journeys and the emerging possibilities for their populations. Njoki, Elizabeth & Wade combine dynamic sociological research and analysis with targeted mundane astrology deep dives to map out the wider themes Kenya & Ghana are responding to, and what could be in the stars for them.

14:00 UTCLYNN BELL ‧ France
France has been rocked by terrorism and protest in recent years, with recent riots in response to police brutality, and a sense of rising inequality. Slow economic growth and inflation have not helped a tone-deaf government in the popular imagination. What happens when a country’s leader is in the middle of a major Pluto transit?

15:30 UTCWENDY STACEY ‧ The British Empire: survival or implosion?
The UK in a post-Brexit, politically volatile climate sits on the brink of disabling not only the ‘United Kingdom’ but also the entire British empire, and its 54 commonwealth countries . How can the traditional royal family along with a fragmented political system survive in this interesting new era.

17:00 UTCH. KAZANOVA & Ö. DÖŞER ‧ Turkey
Turkey experiences a significant eclipse on October 28, which coincides with the country's 100th anniversary of its founding. Will Turkey's suffering economy be able to breathe easier or will things only become worse? Hande and Öner share forecasts in this presentation.

Echoes of the social, economic, and political unrest that were apparent as Pluto last made transit through Aquarius have already been heard. What next then for the Eurozone and for the Euro? Following on from Brexit, is it possible that there will be a new 'union of states' by 2050?

20:00 UTCS.J. ANDERSON ‧ United States
In this presentation, S.J. Anderson will delve into the astrology of the USA during what promises to be an extremely dynamic period for the country. Drawing on a variety of astrological techniques, S.J. will provide insights into America's future, including the potential stark implications for various aspects of American life.

21:30 UTCMARÍA BLAQUIER ‧ Argentina
This presentation focuses on Argentina and the upcoming general elections of October 2023 from a traditional mundane perspective, i.e., conjunctions, ingresses and lunations. Special attention will be given to the solar eclipse of October 14th, which takes place right before the election near the degree of the country’s ascendant.

23:00 UTCWADE CAVES ‧ Current events & conference close
In the conference's closing presentation, we'll explore major headlines developing in real-time. This talk will demonstrate how to research events in motion – how to find reliable data, what kinds of astrological moments to investigate, and how to bring it all together to develop a perspective on likely future outcomes.


The faculty of the World Astrology Summit is comprised of subject matter experts in various fields of astrology.

Christeen Skinner is a Director of Cityscopes London Ltd a company specialisjng in future casting. She is author of several books on financial astrology and a regular speaker at conferences. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and holder of the Charles Harvey and Formalhaut Awards.

Deborah Houlding, author of The Houses: Temples of the Sky, is the founder of STA and creator of Skyscript. An astrologer since the late 1980s, she is the recipient of the AA’s Charles Harvey Award, the Jayavidya Cultural Assoc. Int’l Award, and the UAC Regulus Award for theory and understanding.

Elizabeth Maina is a cultural practitioner and researcher of African cultural and creative economies, with a budding interest in history and indigenous knowledge systems. In active resistance to socioeconomic and political oppression, her current research focused on how ancient wisdom traditions can inform a more sustainable and holistic way of life.

Eve Dembowski has been a STA tutor since 2013. Being well-versed in both traditional and modern astrology, she has been teaching and writing on astrology with a focus on its philosophical aspects. She is the author of the Foundations of Astrology course, runs weekly chart nights, and sees private clients.

Hande Kazanova graduated from the Department of Economics at Istanbul University, and she began studying astrology in 2001. After 22 years of astrological involvement, Kazanova began teaching financial astrology at the AstroArt astrology school in 2021. She presents at various international organizations and released her first book on financial astrology in 2023.

Lee Lehman, Ph.D., has written eleven books on horary, electional, mundane, medical, and solar returns. She is the Principal of the Medical Program at the School of Traditional Astrology. She also teaches at Kepler College, and has received the Marc Edmund Jones Award and the Regulus Award.

Rev. Lindsey Turner (they/them) is a consulting astrologer, community minister, and ritual arts specialist. Lindsey teaches at the intersections of Christian theology, ritual, liturgy, and traditional astrology. They also see clients for one-on-one spiritual accompaniment and astrological consultations. To be in touch and learn more, visit Lindsey's webpage at

Lynn Bell has been an astrologer for over four decades. She has a keen interest in mundane astrology. A long-time tutor for the CPA, she teaches for Astrology University and for MISPA online, lectures, and travels widely. She won the AA Charles Harvey Award for excellence in astrology in 2016.

Mari Garcia is a consulting astrologer, writer, speaker and educator, and co-principal of ASTRO MUNDI, one of Australia’s successful astrological schools. Mari has lectured at UAC, AA, FAA, and IAA. She has a strong interest in mundane and political astrology writing regularly for the FAA journal. For information and articles or

María Blaquier is the founder of Academia de Astrología Avanzada MB ( and holds certifications from the STA’s horary and medical programs. Published internationally, María teaches the STA horary course in Spanish and is part of the Spanish Satellite of OPA.

Michael J. Morris (they/them), Ph.D., is an astrologer, artist, writer, and educator committed to healing and liberation. Their work is informed by years of study, teaching, and practice in feminism, queer studies, gender and sexuality studies, dance, and ritual.

Dr. Njoki Ngumi is an artist, researcher, strategist, and healthcare worker who is curious about everything. Njoki is a self-taught astrology hobbyist and student. She is interested in what astrology has to say about the narratives and futures of families, communities, and groups of people.

Öner Döşer is the founder of AstroArt School of Astrology (2005), Astrology Television (2010) and School of Astrology Publications (2012). Since 2012, he has organized annual International Astrology Day events in Turkey. He has trained more than five thousand students, many going on to write and teach, and has written 40 books (14 translated into English, Chinese and Serbian).

Rod Chang has studied astrology for over twenty years. Since 2015, Rod has been invited to several international conferences in China, Japan, Poland, the UK and Australia. His favourite aspects are mundane astrology, fixed stars, astromaps and a humanistic approach to astrology. He is a co-founder of the Academy of Astrology.

Samuel F. Reynolds consults and teaches astrology full-time. He serves as president of the board of directors for the International Academy of Astrology, and has written horoscopes for several print and online publications like Ebony, New York Magazine, and Site:

S.J. Anderson is a consulting astrologer who regularly publishes astrological ideas on YouTube and Twitter. His perspective is shaped by Hellenistic astrology, Theravada Buddhism, and Sivananda yoga. S.J.'s work has been featured in various publications and covered by major news outlets.

Wade Caves is an astrological consultant and educator specializing in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. He was certified with honors from the STA and Mayo School of Astrology. Wade maintains his consulting practice from Brooklyn, NY. //

Wendy Stacey is the author of ‘Consulting with Astrology’ and ‘Uranus Square Pluto’, chair of the Astrological Association and principal of the Mayo School of Astrology. She is a tutor for the MA program for Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and received the UK Charles Harvey award in 2014.

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