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Ezra, Abraham ibn - astrologer (a.k.a. Avenezra: c.1092-1167)

Born in Spain, Ezra spent much of his life travelling, including visits to Egypt, Baghdad, Rome, and London. A Jew, he wrote a series of astrological texts In Hebrew which together offer a comprehensive treatment of its various branches. Principum Sapientiae (L: ‘Beginning of Wisdom’) is his ‘Introduction’ and the best known of his works. It was translated into English in 1939, and more recently by Meira B. Epstein (1998). Epstein has an ongoing project to translate further works. Several texts, including Ezra’s Book of Interrogations, which specifically details the principles of horary astrology, have also been made available in English translation by the respected Jewish scholar Shlomo Sela.

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