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Schoener, Johannes - astrologer (1477 - 1547)

German astrologer, cartographer and priest who became Professor of Mathematics at Nuremberg in 1526. He owned his own printing company and helped circulate many valuable texts of other astrologers, besides his own. In particular he is known for promoting the work of Regiomontanus, and for encouraging Copernicus to prepare his manuscript for publication. His Opusculum Astrologicum (a collection of astrological works) first published in 1539, was translated into English by Robert Hand in 1994. Hand has also translated the first of his Three Books on the Judgement of Nativities, which Schoener published in 1545, two years before his death. 

Schoener's point-scoring table (translated extract from hisOpusculum Astrologicum) :

Johnnes Schoener

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