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STA Practitioners-Level Medical Course: Addington, UK - 8-13 June 2017

STA Practitioners-Level Medical Astrology Course: Addington, UK, 8-13 June 2017: led by Lee Lehman


Read more about the philosophical principles and historical standing of Medical Astrology here.

This is the most complete, philosophically rich and practical course on decumbiture and medical astrology techniques available to astrologers. Written by renowned world expert J. Lee Lehman, PhD, the STA Medical Astrology Course offers a unique tutorial format, in which the principles of medical astrology are demonstrated through genuine client-charts and informative historical examples. Explanations of philosophical principles and traditional medical techniques lie at the heart of the study, but the method is also explored and demonstrated in detail. The course is highly practical and geared towards the consulting needs of modern astrologers whose clients live in a modern world, but who wish to understand their circumstances from a more holistic viewpoint.

It is not necessary for astrologers who wish to take this course to have previous experience in medical astrology. However, it is necessary to have good understanding of horary principles and technique. The STA Practitioners-Level Horary Course is an excellent pre-requisite for this Advanced Practitioners-Level Medical Astrology Course.

Study groups are limited to ensure plenty of individual attention, and lessons take the form of tutorials with follow-up discussion, chart examples and practical exercises. Throughout, students are taught how to extract meaningful details and sharpen their judgement, and each lesson allows the opportunity to consolidate what is taught through periods of practical application. The course is designed to offer knowledge of traditional doctrines in a balanced way, so that theoretical principles enlighten and facilitate (rather than overwhelm) the creative aspect of astrological interpretation.

The course includes a comprehensive set of reference notes, tips and instructions, with numerous example chart judgements, and resources that are unavailable elsewhere. It offers certification, so that by the end of the course any astrologer who is already capable of offering a professional astrology service will be appropriately prepared to explore health-related problems according to the traditional principles of astrology.


This intensive study event delivers the course material over six consecutive days of tuition. Lessons are structured as tutorials followed by group discussion with in-the-moment exercises, thought-provoking questions and consolidation of principles through practical application of demonstrated technique.

Students receive their own set of personalised course notes which includes explanations of key principles, workbook-style activities, example medical astrology charts and answer sheets. This student workbook will also be cross-referenced with Lee Lehman's book, Traditional Medical Astrology, which acts as an accompanying text-book for the course (please plan to bring a copy of this text with you, or email Lee to arrange purchase of your own copy at the event).

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The course content themes (subject to amendment) include:
  • Elements in medicine and natural philosophy
  • Hippocratic principles and dis-ease concepts
  • The soul's relationship to physiology
  • Temperaments and their calculation
  • Traditional medical vocabulary and concepts
  • Primary faculties of wellness and disease
  • Change, balance, and homeostasis
  • Humoral pathology
  • Medical melothesia
  • Medieval innovations related to disease and treatment
  • Indicators of disease in the nativity
  • Decumbiture
  • Medical horaries
  • Medical elections
  • Natal cycles of health and disease
  • Critical days
  • Alternate methods when the time of onset is not known
  • Aging, stagnation, and death
  • Medical astrology and herbalism I: homeopathy and antipathy
  • Medical astrology and herbalism II: the tissue states
  • Differentiating medical practice and medical astrology


This course is held at a tranquil and self-contained venue run by the Seekers Trust at Addington, England. This is a charming and relaxed spiritual retreat, a sacred space which acts as a centre for prayer, meditation and healing, and which is set in 39 acres of grounds and gardens in the heart of Kent. The land itself is steeped in history - declared by St Augustine as being the place "where Heaven and Earth meet", Addington is one of the few villages in England with over 5,000 years of continuous habitation. This is the perfect venue for a small, intimate course which specialises in the healing and medical aspects of astrology, whilst necessitating that our group size is kept limited. The venue has a small number of on-site, self-contained residential cottages, for which early booking is essential (THESE ARE NOW FULLY BOOKED). Our remaining 'attendance-only' rate applies to delegates who organise their own accommodation at one of the many nearby hotels/Bed and Breakfast venues, more details of which are given in the PDF prospectus.

The Seekers Trust Spiritual Retreat
The Lilacs
The Close
Addington Park
West Malling
Kent ME19 5BL

Seekers Trust

Addington is a village in the English county of Kent close to the M20 motorway between Wrotham Heath and West Malling. It lies about 40 miles south east of London. The nearest railway stations are West Malling (2 miles away) and Borough Green (4 miles away).

Dates and times:

The course commences at 1:00pm on Thursday 8 June 2017 and finishes at 4:15pm on Tuesday 13 June 2017.

On all other days tuition commences at 10:00 am and concludes at 6:00 pm with two half-hour tea breaks (mid-morning and mid-afternoon) and a one-hour lunch break. Those who wish to, will relax and socialise together in the evenings, and everyone is invited to dine at the neighbouring Angel Inn, a picturesque 14th Century Inn which serves a wide range of home made, freshly prepared dishes to suit all dietary requirements at reasonable rates (this is optional: residential delegates are provided with self-catering facilities).

The times of commencement and conclusion of tuition for the course days are:

Thu 8 Jun, 2017:
1:00pm - 6:00pm
Fri 9 Jun, 2017:
10:00am - 6:00pm
Sat 10 Jun, 2017:
10:00am - 6:00pm
Sun 11 Jun, 2017:
10:00am - 6:00pm
Mon 12 Jun, 2017:
10:00am - 6:00pm
Tue 13 Jun, 2017:
10:00am - 4:15pm

Full details of tuition times and scheduled breaks are included in the course prospectus.

Course policies, requirements and recommendations:

  • Delegates on this course do not need to have previous experience in medical astrology. However, this course specialises in advanced-level astrological training and so it is necessary for participants to have a firm understanding of all basic astrological principles, and to have already studied certain principles that are most generally taught as part of the study of horary astrology. For that reason, we recommend delegates to have previously undertaken the STA Practitioners-Level Horary Course or to have had a similar level of horary training/experience as a pre-requisite for this course.

  • Chart calculation is not taught as part of this syllabus, except for techniques that are specific to medical astrology (such as the calculation of temperaments, critical periods, etc). Participants will be expected to have had previous experience of drawing up and interpreting astrological charts before undertaking this study of medical astrology.

  • This course is restricted to a small number of enrolments to allow for individual attention, a friendly and encouraging atmosphere and an ideal number of participants for workshop exercises and group-work. The venue offers a small number of single and twin-bedroomed self-catering cottages, but these are expected to fill very quickly (NOW FULLY BOOKED). The accommodation offered is furnished bedsits with en-suite facilities, bed linen, towels, and kitchen facilities. There is ample parking on-site and basic groceries can be obtained within one mile.

  • Light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits) are provided throughout the course but residential delegates are provided with self-catering facilities in their accommodation and are responsible for their own dining requirements. Upon booking in to the venue, and at various points throughout the event, organisers will assist by providing transport to and from a local supermarket. Everyone in the group will be invited to dine together in the evenings, but each person will be responsible for the costs of their drinks and meals on these occasions (these are not included in the event costs).

  • In the unlikely event of the course being cancelled or postponed, the School of Traditional Astrology will refund any course fees and deposits but will not be liable for any other costs incurred by attendees (travel insurance is advisable for this reason).


The reduced cost for attendance only is £535. This cost includes the main course materials and qualifying certificate and light refreshments. Delegates are also required to have a copy of Lee Lehman's book, Traditional Medical Astrology, which is not included in the cost due to the fact that many students will have it already (please plan to bring a copy of this text with you, or email Lee to arrange purchase of a copy at the event).

Our residential places are now fully booked. We are offering 'attendance only' availability at this event, for delegates who make their own accommodation arrangements at one of the area's nearby hotels/bed and breakfast establishments (see back page of pdf prospectus for more details). Places are secured upon payment of a non-refundable deposit of £200, with the remainder of the course fee due by 8 May, 2017.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, or via credit or debit card through PayPal. For the latter, please use our online booking form.

make a payment


Enrolments are secured upon payment of the deposit or full course fee and can be made through our online booking form or by submission/return of the form provided on the PDF prospectus.

If you encounter any problems, or have any unanswered questions regarding the details of this course, email Lee at

About Lee Lehman:

Lee Lehman

Lee Lehman, Ph.D

In her four decade development as an astrologer, practical application has been a persistent hallmark which has defined Lee Lehman. Lee has a Ph.D. in Botany from Rutgers University. She is author of The Ultimate Asteroid Book (1988), Essential Dignities (1989), The Book of Rulerships (1992), Classical Astrology for Modern Living (1996), The Martial Art of Horary Astrology (2002), Astrology of Sustainability (2011), Traditional Medical Astrology (2011), Classical Solar Returns (2012), The Magic of Electional Astrology (2014), and a translation from the French of Papus’ Astrology for Initiates, available for purchase here here. She is the former Academic Dean of Kepler College, and teaches regularly at the Midwest School of Astrology, Avalon School of Astrology, and Kepler College, as well as serving as a faculty member of the STA and Principal of the STA Medical Program. Lee has trained students in horary, medical and electional all over the world, in both live and online formats.

An early adherent of the current neo-classical movement in astrology, Lee’s focus has been to speak the method of classical astrology in modern language, and to help encourage people to learn how to apply ancient knowledge in modern systems. Her Perennial Herbal takes ancient astrological herbalism onto the web.

Lee was the recipient of the 1995 Marc Edmund Jones Award, and the recipient of the 2008 Regulus Award for Education.


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