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STA Masters Level Medical Course

Masters Level Medical Astrology: general information

  • Written and developed by world-class medical astrology, Lee Lehman, PhD.

  • Specifically designed for astrologers looking to develop an expert knowledge of medical technique and an easy ability to demonstrate its principles to other astrologers.

  • This is not just a “how to do it” course, but a personal mentorship program that aims to draw out an astrologer's full potential as a medical practitioner and ensure that every aspect of their work is confidently delivered to the highest professional standards.

  • An emphasis on all-round development and a careful balance between practical and theoretical concepts ensures full professional development.


The STA Masters Level Horary Course is an advanced, part-time study course, offered only through direct correspondence with Lee Lehman, PhD. The STA Medical Astrology Masters Course is designed in the same fashion as the STA Horary Masters Course: as an advanced hands-on course using primary sources and extensive chart work to fortify understanding and extension of the concepts presented in the entry-level Practitioners Course. The approach of the STA Practitioner’s Courses is to teach in a format that explains well-proven traditional techniques in a way that avoids excessive reliance upon what can often appear to the new student as daunting and complex traditional source texts. A broad outline of methods and capabilities of the material must first be available before students can hope to turn their attention to the finer details.

The STA Masters Level Medical Astrology Course is designed for astrologers who want to explore and probe the traditional methods and philosophical implications of classical medical astrology in great depth, and who want to gain sufficient mastery of all its complex concepts to be confident of communicating its theory and practice to other astrologers. This is not just a “how to do it” course, but a personal mentorship program that aims to draw out an astrologer’s full potential as a medical astrologer and ensure that every aspect of their work is confidently delivered to the highest professional standards. This includes the clear understanding of the fact that medical astrology is a timing system, not a means of medical diagnosis or treatment, which are the purview of licensed medical professionals.

Traditional Astrology is a craft that responds to the skill of its practitioner. The syllabus of the STA Masters Level Medical Astrology Course is designed for astrologers who are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of medical astrology to a level of excellence. Primarily it is aimed at those who wish to consider themselves experts in this field, confidently qualified to advise, teach, write or lecture on medical astrology. Having acquired a sound overview of medical astrological principles at practitioner level, these are now studied within the context of traditional and primary sources. Great attention is paid to ensuring the maximum extraction of valuable information from each passage, as well as to exercise critical thinking in order to put past sources into proper historical context. Students are led to develop an advanced understanding of traditional medicine as a historical theory and philosophical system, and how astrological principles were applied within this system.

The STA Medical Astrology Courses work with sources from the era of Hippocrates through the 17th century and beyond, including the theoretical underpinnings for connecting Western medical astrology to other traditional medical systems, as well as to Western herbalism, which itself used to have an astrological connection. Students are also expected to research the works of the great medical astrologers, and to elucidate the ways in which the assignment of medical rulerships are assigned based on astrological distinctions relating to conditions of excess and deficiency.

We also review classic medical case studies from various periods of history, and critically examine the method of different classical practitioners. We will study the consistency of these classical sources with each other, as well as how they compare to living traditions which still use these ideas within their own societal beliefs about indigenous medicine.

The copious course notes, primary sources, and exercises provided greatly facilitate the assimilation of the relevant information. However, the intention of the course is to expose and rectify any gaps of knowledge or practice, so it requires a firm commitment from the student. The purpose of the course is to develop the student’s ability to reason through the material, not accepting statements at face value, but with a critical eye for inconsistencies and hidden assumptions.

The course also guides the student towards acquiring and demonstrating the ability to research selected fields of inquiry, draw appropriate references to support their arguments, have a detailed knowledge of medical and traditional astrological principles, and a good understanding of the historical, social and philosophical influences that have been impressed upon the medical art.

Entry Requirements & Delivery Method:

Students must have acquired the STA Practitioner Level qualification in Medical Astrology. This course is taught by correspondence through a course website. There is no time limit to its completion but – as a guide, and assuming a comfortable pace of part-time study - students should not expect to complete the course in less than two or three years.

Completion Benefit:

Students will receive the STA Diploma to verify their advanced level of training and demonstrated competence in a range of medical scenarios. Graduates will be entitled to advertise their mastery of such principles by using the initials STA DipM (School of Traditional Astrology Medical Astrology Diploma) in promoting their astrological services.

Graduates of the STA's Practitioners Level Medical Course (or approved equivalent) are advised to email Lee Lehman at for a full syllabus, details of prices, and sample study material.


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