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STA Masters-Level Horary Course

Masters-Level Horary: general information

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  • The most comprehensive and instructive course on horary astrology available.

  • Specifically designed for astrologers looking to develop an expert knowledge of horary technique and an easy ability to demonstrate its principles to other astrologers.

  • This is not just a ldquo;how to do it” course, but a personal mentorship program that aims to draw out an astrologer's full potential as a horary practitioner and ensure that every aspect of their work is confidently delivered to the highest professional standards.

The STA Masters-Level Horary Course is an advanced, part-time study course, offered only through direct correspondence with Deborah Houlding. Astrologers wishing to enrol on this course must have first acquired the STA’s practitioner level qualification in horary astrology.

The syllabus of this course is designed for astrologers looking to develop their practical experience, theoretical knowledge and philosophical understanding of horary to a level of excellence. Primarily, it is aimed at those who wish to specialise in this subject, and who wish to feel confidently qualified to practice, teach, write or lecture on horary to other astrologers.

Having acquired a sound overview of horary principles and its use in practical application at practitioner level, the techniques are now studied within the context of traditional and primary sources. Great attention is paid to ensuring the maximum extraction of valuable information from each passage. Students are led to develop an advanced understanding of the theoretical principles of horary and to acquire the historical knowledge and philosophical expertise needed to debate its merits and points of art upon a scholarly basis.

STA horary courses are centred upon the methods of William Lilly as demonstrated in his 17th century text Christian Astrology - widely recognised as the definitive manual for horary study. Within this course students are also expected to research the works of other historical and notable horary practitioners and to consider the ways in which the apparently rigid horary ‘rules’ are creatively sculptured within the demands of the consultation process. The course reviews classic horary case-studies from various periods of history, looking at how horary has fared as a specific branch of astrology before and after Lilly‘s era, and giving considerable attention to understanding the philosophical origin and historical development of many of the techniques he employed.

The course flier can be downloaded here.

Graduates of the STA's Practitioners-Level Horary Course are advised to email Deborah Houlding at for a full syllabus, details of prices, and sample study material.

* The STA Masters-Level Horary Course is currently fully subscribed. There is a 4-6 month waiting list for new registrations.

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