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Latest News:

27 January, 2017
- Full details are now available and bookings are being taken for Lee Lehman's Practitioner's Level Medical Astrology Course which will be delivered as a residential course in Kent in June 2017. This course will be the first delivery of a new, expanded STA curriculum, one you won't want to miss! Places are filling up quickly - full details available on this page.

- Our next Online Practitioners-Level Horary Course has been scheduled to begin on 2 April, 2017. Places fill up quickly on our online courses - so if you are interested, check the details now. We won't be running another online horary course until the end of 2017.

9th September, 2016
- Announcing a 5-day Practitioner's Level Horary Course to be offered in New York City, 10 - 14 April 2017. The course will be led by tutors Lee Lehman and Wade Caves, offering students the unique opportunity to study simultaneously with two established horary experts. The course details are available now. Register your interest today by emailing Wade.

- Our next Online Practitioners-Level Horary Course, due to start 14 January 2017 is fully booked. Places fill up quickly on our online courses - if you are interested in booking onto the next online horary course, request full information as soon as details are available by sending an email to the next online course organiser: Angela Cornish -

6th November, 2016
- Full details are now available for a STA Practitioners-Level Horary Course in Seattle, Washington (USA) — available here at This course runs for 5 days, scheduled over two back-to-back weekends, commencing on 18 August 2017. The course is delivered by Wade Caves of San Francisco, California.

Recent graduates (2016):

Congratulations to the following astrologers who aquired their practitioner's level certification in horary in 2016:
  • Orlando D. Andrews
  • Susan Archer
  • Elly Bakker
  • Michelle Barsby
  • Lucia Bresolin
  • Suzanne Marie Carter
  • King Pak (Kevin) Chan
  • Selina Chan
  • Tak Fai Chan
  • Jason Chen
  • Alex Cheung
  • Chau Ting Cheung
  • Po Hung Cheung
  • Akube Chu
  • Sunday Chu
  • Winnie Chu
  • Kit Shing Chung
  • Elizabeth Clarke
  • Ann Collins
  • Bronwen Daddo
  • Marilyn Daniels
  • Alan Davies
  • Angela Does
  • Anne Elizabeth
  • Jan Flies
  • Che Heng Fung
  • Chi Yeung (Spark) Fung
  • Siu Lung Fung
  • Michael Geffen
  • Karen Grace
  • Connie Ip
  • Stuart Krimko
  • Joyce Lambert
  • Helen Hartley
  • Man Chiu (Jane) Ho
  • Anna Hoeksema
  • Antony Howe
  • Hoi Yan (Kimberley) Lau
  • Manko Hung
  • Pui Ting Varuna Lai
  • Wing Tung Lee
  • Linda Lau
  • Evelyn Leung
  • Kar Yan Leung
  • Wai Yin (Gloria) Liu
  • Josephine Lo
  • Hoi Ling (Miranda) Ma
  • Klara Mata
  • Man Wai Lui
  • Peter Wen Jun Luo
  • Cheng Oi Man
  • Nadia Marcinkowski
  • Marilyn Mazzotta
  • Pierre McKenty
  • Rey dela Merced
  • Deborah Mikuteit
  • Robert Miles
  • Theodore Naiker
  • Jennifer Ng
  • Wing Yin Ng
  • Rozlyn Noble
  • Katy O'Grady
  • Page O'Reilly
  • Hoi Lee (Kelly) Pang
  • Wan Lam (Elizabeth) Poon
  • Poema Querubin
  • Jia Liang Qui
  • Carol Robertson
  • Bonnie Robson
  • Lois Rolfe
  • Lorraine Saxena
  • Gabriele Schwarz
  • Renate Schnell
  • Radu Serban
  • Karen Shan
  • Shaam Sharma
  • Jane Sloan
  • Suzanna Snyder-Hutton
  • Shelley Stearns
  • Shu Steer
  • Julianna Stevens
  • Kris Svendsen
  • Jaqueline Wilson
  • Hsuan-Chih (Sophia) Tsao
  • Wing Yip Tam
  • Kwan Har (Lilian) Tang
  • Wai Leung Tsang
  • Wing Sze (Boey) Tse
  • Andrea Varga
  • Nita Vasilescu
  • Ching Hey Wan
  • Maria Wander
  • Tsui Sze (Tracy) Wong
  • Nikki Worth
  • Nikrias Yeung
  • Gary Yung
  • Maria Ziegler

Recent announcements:

9th September, 2016
- The STA is thrilled to announce the joining of a new faculty member, classical astrologer Lee Lehman. Lee brings decades of experience, wisdom and insight to the STA team, as well as expanded course curriculum. Please join us in welcoming Lee!

Practitioner's Level Horary Course now available in Hong Kong

Jupiter Lai
Jupiter Lai: STA tutor in Hong Kong
The STA is pleased to announce that its Practitioner's Level Horary Course has now been translated into Chinese by Jupiter Lai, and is now available as an attendance course to students in Hong Kong. The course commenced on 27 August 2016, and has been met with great enthusiasm.Click here to read more about the course as it is offered in Hong Kong.

New programme of horary and medical courses for 2016 - 2017:

Eve Dembowski has organised an exciting delivery of the horary course as a residential retreat at Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia. Dates are 4-11 November, 2016. Whilst spaces remain, they are limited. Details available here.
Lee Lehman and Wade Caves will deliver the horary course as a 5-day intensive in bustling New York City, 10 - 14 April 2017. Details and prospectus available here.
Lee Lehman will deliver our new medical course in England, 8 - 13 June 2017. A prospectus is currently in production and full details will be available shortly.

STA on Facebook

Thank you to everyone in the astrological community for giving our new public Facebook page such a swift 'thumbs up'. The page was started by Wade Caves on 17 October 2015, and we were really thrilled to get over 500 likes in the first 24 hours. We hope to develop the page into a useful resource that not only offers details of STA activities, but features lots of newsworthy items and articles of interest to traditional astrology. If you are a Facebook user, liking our page ensures our news and content reaches your stream, so if you haven't done it yet, why not like us now?

STA Facebook page for graduates

In addition to our public Facebook page, the STA also has an active and engaging private group, for all astrologers who have completed our practitioner's course in horary. The quality of discussion is very high, and there is a wonderful spirit of comradeship amongst horary astrologers who support each other, and use the page to share chart examples or probe particular details of horary. The page is designed to add value to our courses by offering ongoing support on any element of horary for as long as anyone needs it. All tutors participate on the same level as other members - they answer, share and learn through the examples offered, and it is a great way for friendships made during our courses to be continued and developed. Access to the page is automatically made available upon completion of the STA practitioner's level horary course.

Photo from Toronto, 2016:

Wade Caves & Lee Lehman Horary Course in Toronto, 2016

Recent graduates (2015):

Congratulations to the following astrologers who aquired their practitioner's level certification in horary in 2015:
  • Jean Blackwell
  • Elaine Bowskill
  • Tarlok Boyton-Singh
  • Wonder Bright
  • Ryhan Butler
  • Rod Chang
  • Leena Chauhan
  • Ida Chung Chi Ngan
  • Jadranka Coic
  • Killian Cott
  • Michele Debs
  • Crytal Jinming Deng
  • Kim Dutcher
  • Jessica Garton
  • Annabel Gat
  • Robert Fabbro
  • Jingling He
  • Barbara Hurley
  • Edward James
  • Stefanie James
  • Terry Johnson
  • Carol Keys
  • Isabelle Lang
  • Alejo Matías López
  • Maxine Lai-Mei Wan
  • Dawn Mahlow
  • Marina Macario
  • Vicki McKellar
  • Julia Miles
  • BJ Morgan
  • Deborah Morgan
  • Helen Naylor
  • Karen Parks
  • Kanchan Parmar
  • Martin Patefield-Smith
  • Nicola Perry
  • Sau Wah Poon
  • Maria Rapper
  • Damian Rocks
  • Imogen Rodgers
  • Karisma Rodriguez
  • Mary Ruffer
  • Régine Sbresnyd
  • Philippe Sibaud
  • Cathy Shier
  • Erwin R Tan
  • Alex Trenoweth
  • Bee Vacca
  • Joel Valentine
  • Loraine van Dijk
  • Antoinette van der Kaaij
  • Nita Vasilescu
  • Jaqueline Wilson
  • Yang Ying
  • Heran Zhang

Photos from San Francisco, 2015:

Wade Caves Horary Course at San Francisco, 2015

Some of the (quite literally) 'wonderful' photos taken by astrologer and photographer Wonder Bright at Wade Caves' 2015 San Francisco course.
More photos are available on Wonder's website: Wonder Bright Photography. Thank you Wonder!

LSA (128K)
Graduates from the 2015 Practitioner's Level Horary Course held in London in association with the London School of Astrology.

STA at the AA conference, September 2014:

A few photos taken around the STA stand at the conference held by the Astrological Association of Great Britain in 2014. This was the first time the STA has held a trade stand so I was a bit nervous about not knowing what to do, but Tienka Atema took it all under her wing and managed it perfectly. The conference created a wonderful opportunity for tutors and students (past and present) to meet up again in the flesh - there were many happy memories, and new laughs to create more memories for the future. Thanks to everyone who helped and gathered around the stall. For those who have requested information on upcoming courses, these will be mailed out shortly.

aa_2014 (489K)

Recent graduates (2014):

Congratulations to the following astrologers who aquired their practitioner's level certification in horary in 2014:
  • Nathan Strange
  • Lisa Knecht
  • Mariana Baldó
  • Jeremy R. Werner
  • Wang Ming Wei
  • Justus Johannes Immelman
  • Rozlyn Noble
  • Sandra Lacey
  • Miranda Arch
  • Chris Lymbouris
  • Jef Augusteyns
  • Linda Roos

Recent certificate graduates (2013):

Congratulations to the following astrologers who aquired their practitioner's level certification in horary in 2013:
  • Nicky Allison
  • Jenneke Bakker
  • Carina Baranova
  • Christine Bason
  • Fiona Blanch
  • Sharon Bond
  • Wade Caves
  • Elizabeth Clarke
  • Liz Cooper
  • Nette Costeris
  • James Curran
  • Pauline Fryer
  • Nick Hughes
  • Mayumi Kabashima
  • Paul Kiernan
  • Jupiter Lai
  • Antigony Langley
  • Josephine Lo
  • Elena Lumen
  • Kanchan Parmar
  • Charlotte Rainey
  • Robyn Ray
  • Melanie Stewart
  • Marianne Vonk
  • Luiz Vukovic
  • Lesley Walker
  • Laura Young
LSA (128K)
Gathered around at the end of the July 2013 horary course organised in association with the London School of Astrology.

Bali certificate graduates (2012):

Congratulations to the amazingly talented astrologers who aquired their STA Practitioner's level qualification in horary at Bali, in the course organised in association with Evelyn Roberts' Heaven and Earth Workshops:

LSA (128K)

Memories of Lendrick (2011):

I recently came across some photos of the certificate course held at Lendrick in Scotland in 2011. I have such fond memories of that course - those that were there will know what I mean when I say it was a mixture of dry and wet, but we all found out that there are ways to make your own weather in Lendrick ;). I've managed to keep in touch with some astrologers more than others, and hope I can get back up to Scotland soon to reconnect with some very special friends.

Here is a photo of everyone looking very energetic, even though it was the last day of the course. I've placed a gallery of other photos from Lendrick on this link. I love the sense of colour that we created as a group - even though the skies outside were mostly grey or full of rain.

Students at Lendrick, May 2011

The qualifying students from the Lendrick course were:
LSA (128K)


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STA courses are endorsed by the APAE and approved by the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).