STA, School of Traditional Astrology, founded by Deborah Houlding
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Upcoming courses:

Chinese language course
Toronto, Canada, July 2016
Hepburn Springs, Australia, November 2016
Online classes
Dutch language course

The School of Traditional Astrology (STA) specialises in training horary astrology practitioners. Its educational focus is the integration of traditional astrological principles within contemporary astrological practice.

Founded by Deborah Houlding, the school offers practitioner's level accreditation in horary through attendance at classes, residential intensives or interactive online presentations. Since 1996 courses have been delivered at venues as far afield as Australia, Bali, England, France, Hawaii, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Scotland, Tasmania and the USA. Our horary course is currently available in English and Dutch, and will be offered to Chinese language students in spring 2016.

The school also offers advanced "master's level" accreditation for tutors and astrologers specialising in horary, through a three-year correspondence course leading to the astrological qualification STA DipH.

The aim of the STA is to:

  • facilitate greater understanding and respect for the philosophy and practice of horary astrology
  • support the development of horary practitioners to their full potential
  • ensure the historical transmission of astrology as a line of continuation between past, present and future practitioners

The STA is a full member of the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education and its courses are approved by the Association of Professional Astrologers International.
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